keep it moving along

sup, y’all? how’s tricks?

i realize at the end of the last update, i probably didn’t seem as excited as i should’ve been over the birth of zoe and finn’s second baby, named audrey..

and trust me, i was!! i promise, cross my heart and everything. it’s just that looking back through my screenshots and writing it all out, and seeing my poor matthias and nikita leave the family that way made me a little sad. like i’ve said in the past, i get super attached to my sims and seeing them pass away hits me harder than it probably should.

but no matter! my own mourning moodlet is gone by now, and we’ve just gotta keep it moving along, right?

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ebb and flow

hellllooooooooooooo everybody!

it is i, your usually-slacking simmer, being uncharacteristically productive and bringing you yet another update post!

are you ready? do you have a snack, or a cup of tea? are you holding onto your butts? ’cause i’m about to get right into it!

last time, we had a gen10 baby!! his name is liam and he is now a toddler.. and he is truly the cutest li’l thing.

but don’t worry, my legacy isn’t ending super soon 🙂 i’ve decided to play through until any and all generation ten kids are young adults!

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circle of life

what is up, my whimsical readers? how are ya doin’? i hope everything is going smoothly in your part of the world!

off-topic but can i just say… the sims 4 has, apparently, been out for 2 years now.. the anniversary just passed. and while i do own it and have on occasion gone on sims 4 binges, it’s never gotten its claws into me like the sims 3 has. and it’s not even the fact of content, that i’m comparing a fully released and expanded game with one that’s still a work-in-progress, because it’s really the sims themselves and the gameplay as a whole in 4 that’s never gotten me hooked. i was instantly immersed in ts3’s world the moment i loaded the game up the first time… ts4 not so much.

basically, i agree with everything LGR has to say on the matter and it makes me sad. …and also not sad because i’m still gonna play the hell out of ts3 for the foreseeable future 🙂

ANYWAY! last time, gen9 heiress zoe got married and found out she’s pregnant. today, we have another update because i’ve been playing like a madwoman and have been having a blast!

matthias: “good morning, zoe! you’re looking a bit different today..”

zoe: “does no one miss anything in this house?”

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whoaaaaaaa.. what’s this? two updates in the span of twenty-four hours? ..are you sure you’re on the right blog?

ahaha… aha.. ah. so! yes another update, because i did say i had more pictures all ready to go at the end of the last one. you see, when i get in the mood to play the sims.. that is all i do in my free time. so i have quite a lot to show you and quite a lot to write about, and i wanted to get these posts up before i play any further ahead and get behind on things!

last time, our heiress zoe got engaged to her boyfriend finn, and there was lots of scuba diving and resort management.. and a fight with a shark!

this time, we pick right back up where we left off. the morning after their engagement, finn wakes up first..

finn: “i’ll just let her sleep in.. we have a big day today.”

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hi hello! welcome back 😀 to you and to me!

last time we left off, the family had a big move to isla paradiso.. and then another big move from one computer to the next. i lost a lot of screenshots detailing several days worth of game play, but i caught you all up (kinda) in my last li’l post.

this one, however, will be anything but li’l. a real proper update! and let’s hop in!!

even as things change like new computers and new neighborhoods, somethings stay the same.. like mattie, with these damned sprinklers. he has always, always taken every opportunity he can to play in them. in his old age, it’s no different.

he’s lucky he’s adorable 😛

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gen9 downloads


so i’ve uploaded all gen9 sims from my legacy family, including spouses/partners! also included are the pets i’ve not yet shared.. pineapple and anouk.

for now, i haven’t added them to my downloads page (because i need to go through and re-take closeups of all of them!) but if you’re interested in zoe, finn, kaylee, ronny, simon, rena, anouk or pineapple.. you can find ’em in my sims 3 studio for download. (: as always, they’re CC free and i’ll update this post once their CC lists are up on my usual downloads page!

just a quickie

hellooooooo everyone!

i have a very small update for you today, and a little bit of (slightly sad) info…

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spooky day shenanigans

hi!  hello again!  surprised?  me too! Open-mouthed smile 

I’ve got another update for ya, and I promise it’s a good one.  I actually was able to play my game quite a bit for the first time in months and months, and I gotta say.. it felt good man.  real good.  I’ve missed this game, and missed my sims!

without further rambling, let’s just jump right into it.  last time, there was a whole lotta love, and this time…

kaylee: “zzz…zzz… cute boy…zzz…zzz …z…”

we did leave a certain someone out of the love fest, didn’t we?

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so much love, the world exploded


hi, how are ya, how’s the family?  it has been a remarkably long time since I last updated this here blog.. since september 2015!  that’s 8(!!) months just about, and my gosh does time fly.

if I had to wager a guess, I’d say approximately 95% of my posts here start with something very similar to the above paragraph.  but that’s okay, because even though I take breaks that last 8 months, I always come back eventually.. and here I am, to write up another post!

I can’t promise this will be very concise, so I hope you have your readin’ glasses on! there’s lots of plot-type things in this update, so I can hopefully play a bit soon and move things along.

however.. as all my posts do, this one includes extraneous, but freakin’ adorable, pictures like this one!

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prom, puppy and a party

haaaayyyyy everyone!  how’s it going?  good, I hope!

I’m back for another update Open-mouthed smile and I’m just as surprised as you are!

last time, we had a weekend-ish of birthdays, lots of skilling and some teen stuffs, and this time… well, let’s just jump right into it.

chiara:  “I feel like we’ve just gotten another new toy to play with..”

perhaps that’s because you have!

last time, the family acquired some chickens and cows.. and this time, it’s something to cook them all on it’s something for the kitchen!

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