other legacies

because reading mine can’t be enough!

i read these, you should totally read them too. go on… click and be happy you did.

the rousey legacy
the valkyrie legacy
the stump legacy
the lucas legacy
the creeper legacy
the southern prettacy
chim-chim-cheree, a rainbow legacy
avery’s the name
the cult of personality
a berry crazy isbi
skipton isbi & shepherd legacy
the regenbogen legacy
the dysfunkshinul legacy

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  1. You have good taste in legacies, girl. 😛

  2. You should probably change my link since the Mutants are gone 😦

    • done and done, my friend! i wasn’t sure what to call your legacy, so i used juniper’s last name. if you have a specific name in mind for your legacy, i’ll gladly change the link! ^_^


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