i think this line’s mostly filler

heeeeeey heyyyyy! how’s it going, dearest readers? it’s been a hell of a long time, hasn’t it? that’s always the case with these updates, though.. you should all know by now that i go through phases of simming super hardcore, and then letting the game go for a while.

the last time i updated, it was still 2016.. so happy new year! XD in fact, part of this update was written when it was still 2016, halloween 2016 to be specific, and all of the pictures here were taken the last time i played, also when it was still 2016. so here’s hoping i don’t forget everything i actually meant to include or forget who the heck my sims even are!

however, this post is one i’d consider to be filler. nice, interesting, funny filler (eesh, i hope anyway), but filler nonetheless. i’m hoping this means it’ll be easy for me to remember all the happenings since nothing particularly plot-filled happens? after all, it’s that time that happens in every generation, when the next gen kids are all teens and it’s just a waiting game to see how they turn out as young adults.

but as i’ve said, i’m playing this out until all gen10 kids are aged up… so even though it’s filler, let’s get to it! i still have this legacy to complete and gosh darnit i’m gonna do it even if it takes me another four years!

..here’s hoping it doesn’t, though 😛

SO in a previous update, i mentioned that fallon is in the art club after school. she’s painted a bit, and then has now learned sculpting… so in the work room by the garage, i plopped down a sculpting… bench? sculpting work station? …something for her to sculpt with!

see, what did i tell ya.. it’s a filler post 😛


teenage hormones

hi! hey! hello!

welcome back! 😀 are ya settled in with a nice cuppa tea, maybe a snack, a blanket to curl up with? i hope so ’cause this is gonna be a good one ya’ll, i promise.

last time.. we said our final goodbye to gen8 :c and look at the family now..

this is as small as the family has been since… gosh, i can’t even remember. just 5 sims and 3 pets (mochi is there behind the little house icons, i promise). i’m so used to having precisely 80 lives to take care of that with only these guys to watch over.. i just… i barely know what to do with myself.

i also haven’t had only two generations in the household since, probably, my founder was alive.  :O  funny how things come full circle.


second goodbye

howwwwdyyy y’all! how’s it goin’? all good, all good i hope.

it’s currently very early morning (or perhaps very late evening) in my neck of the woods, but i thought i’d get a post up because i’m feeling like it’s gonna be a good one.. and even *i* am excited on how it’ll turn out.

so let’s find out, shall we? 🙂

good morning, fallon! she has the best sleepwear, does she not?

fallon: “yes she does!”


start off with a bang

salutations! *salutes* how are you on this fantastic day?

i’m doing great, and am excited to get this update up and going.. there’s lots of happenings, and i’m ready to dive in!

we start things off with a little skilling 8D in case you need reminding, finn is artistic while his daughter, audrey, is a virtuoso.. and i’ve gotta say, it’s quite nice having someone musically inclined in the household again. audrey plays beautifully already!


that was a bust

hiiiiieeeeeeeee! what’s shakin’, party people?

it seems i am super determined to keep this legacy ball rolling, because i just can’t stop playing. and it’s a catch-22, because i still adore this game and this family.. but the more i play, the closer the end of my legacy looms.. and that in and of itself is bittersweet.

but no matter 🙂 we’re here for an update, right? and an update ye shall have..

liam: “i wonder what grandma has in her queue for me right now..”

yep, chiara is still goin’ strong. she’s not the longest lived sim in my legacy so far, i think that title probably still belongs to.. maybe emma, from gen2? maybe. i know she lived a long time, i can’t quite recall if any other sims have lived well beyond my lifespan.. but anyway! chiara is still around with, it seems, no plans on going anywhere soon.



heeeeeeeeeyyyy! supsup, my favorite people? how ya doin’? how’s life? all good, i hope!

we’re back at it again, with another update. and i’ve gotta say, i feel like this generation is going by so fast. :C it’s the last generation, and as i’ve said i’m going to play it out until at least the gen10 kids are all young adults, but.. everything is happening so fast, it seems, and it’s leaving me with so many feels ;_;

zoe: “don’t be sad. this was the goal all along.”

ah, my heiress speaks the truth.



hi! hello! this is not a proper update! breathe easy 😛

instead, i wanted to share some stuff. first of all, my downloads page is fully updated now! zoe, finn, kaylee, ronny, simon, rena and malcolm have all been added with proper cc lists, as well as anouk and pineapple the pets. as always, my downloads are custom content free, so you’re welcome to style ’em up however you see fit. 🙂 if you use my sims in your game, please take pics so i can see!!

secondly.. my good girlfriend pumms has started her own legacy blog!!! 😀 😀 you guys have no idea how happy this makes me, because the more blogs i have to read.. the better!

you can check out pumms’ founder and her first post right here, you know you wanna click and read. if there’s enough peer pressure, perhaps she’ll keep updating.. muahahahaha~

and laaaaaaaastly. a fellow sims blogger named earthqueenami tagged me/nominated me for a little miss sunshine blogger award, and since the award comes with a li’l questionnaire i thought i’d do it now (since i’m over a month late, wah).

thank you so much, earthqueenami, for nominating me ♥ that was super sweet of you and i’m so sorry it’s taken me this long to get to your questions!


four birthdays

helloooooooo! welcome back! 😀

this update right here will bring me completely up to date, so my blog is current with where my game sits. the last several updates have been in the past, for me, but no longer!

of course, that means back to back updates on back to back days is a little self-serving.. ’cause now i can freely play without having to worry about getting behind on blog posts. buuuuuttttt, you benefit too because you get another update to read? if you aren’t sick of my updates yet, that is XD

last time, we lost pineapple.. but we gained three new puppies!

and it is definitely puppy pandemonium in the serverus-daines household, lemme tell ya.


ch ch changes

salutations, friends and readers! how are ya?

i’m keeping this update train a-movin’ and am back for another post. i’ve played my game more lately than i have in a long time and it feels good, man. real good. i don’t realize just how much i miss this family until i’m sucked back into the world of ts3 and i can’t get enough!

i mean, can you blame me? just look at how cute they are..

pineapple: “do i get a turn snuggling the new baby?”


the loneliest bake sale

hello, beautiful people! i hope you’re having a wonderful wednesday so far. i feel rather accomplished for the day already, so i thought why not write up another sims update?

i mean.. it’s not like i have 987 pictures sitting in my sims 3 screenshots folder, waiting to be uploaded and posted, or anything like that. ……*coughs*

so!! last time, we had births and deaths, and this time… well. we may or may not have more of that. suppose we’ll see!

oh, we also had baking! 😀


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