teenage hormones

hi! hey! hello!

welcome back! 😀 are ya settled in with a nice cuppa tea, maybe a snack, a blanket to curl up with? i hope so ’cause this is gonna be a good one ya’ll, i promise.

last time.. we said our final goodbye to gen8 :c and look at the family now..

this is as small as the family has been since… gosh, i can’t even remember. just 5 sims and 3 pets (mochi is there behind the little house icons, i promise). i’m so used to having precisely 80 lives to take care of that with only these guys to watch over.. i just… i barely know what to do with myself.

i also haven’t had only two generations in the household since, probably, my founder was alive.  :O  funny how things come full circle.

also something i’ve not done, even though this family has been around for 10 generations… get far enough in gem collecting to unlock these super fancy cuts! there’s this moon cut, above..

and this, the sun! so coooool

i don’t think i will ever tire of the painting skill, along with the most fantastical default replacement mod i’ve downloaded to date.  i’ve been using it forever and a day and i am still excited to see what new paintings show up.

this giraffe liam is painting looks crazy af XD and i love it.

the gen10 teens are all losers, not just liam are forever in just this li’l spot of the house, skilling. and they’re all doing quite well!

so far, fallon is working on her last(!) logic skill.. liam has already mastered cooking (to the surprise of no one) and is more than halfway towards mastering painting.. and audrey is halfway through piano and guitar, with quite a few points in logic too because fallon needs someone to play with.  liam and audrey, due to their mermaidy-ness (it’s a word, okay) have already mastered scuba diving, on top of it. i’m so proud of thems :’)

audrey: “except i’m so done with skilling for now.”

audrey: “you should totally come over.”

audrey: “yay, okay! see you soon.”

inviting over devon, eh? think that’s a good idea?

audrey: “sure, what could go wrong– ahh, oops! MY PHONE!”

haw haw, butterfingers.

kuma:  “it dropped like a rock zzzz.zzzz…zz…”

the screen cracked, but all she had to do was make her phone twirl magically in her hand and it was fixed.

hmph. if only it were that simple in my life too.

and so arrives our lovely guest.

audrey: “what the.. i came out here to invite you in?”

devon: “no need, i already know i’m welcome!”

….are you sure about that, pal

audrey: “soooo i’ve had a wish locked in since prom to make out with you.”

devon: “then you should probably, y’know, fulfill it.”

suck face, activate!

but liam, in all his doormat-ness (this too is a word okay) finally decides enough is enough.

liam: “i gotta think about ME for a change.”

so with his loser trait in tow, liam joins audrey and her boyfriend in the kitchen.

liam: “erg. this actually has bad idea written all over it.”

no! stand up for yourself, man!

devon: “look, the pink-haired wimp has shown his fugly face.”

liam: “my hair is lavender, thank you very much.”

liam: “ugh, how can i properly stand up for myself if all he’s gonna do is stare at me smugly!?”

figure it out, kid. this is tough love.

liam: “but c’moooooonnnnnnn! i don’t wanna get beat up again!”

devon: “beat you up again? what a fantastic idea.”

liam: “ergh. you, shut your mouth. i want to talk to my sister, actually.”

devon: “fine by me, i don’t want your cupcake breath in my face anyway.”

so devon decides to step to the side for a moment.. probably just to watch and see what happens.

liam: “sister…….. :c”

audrey: “yes?”

liam: “this has been going on long enough! this is my arch nemesis you’re dating!”

audrey: “yeah i know? i mean, it’s not like you have to date him….”

liam: “but what about bros before hos and all that!? i’m your family, how could you betray me like this?!”

audrey: “what? i had no idea you cared so much?? you’ve never said anything..”

liam: “please, audrey, i’m begging you. devon and i really don’t get along. how are we going to have fun family get togethers when we’re older if i can’t stand to be around your boyfriend?”

audrey: “devon’s really not so bad once you get to know him. maybe you could try that first.”

liam: “but i don’t WANT TO. he kicked my ass when we were 10 because i over charged him for a muffin. A MUFFIN, AUDREY, A PERFECTLY BAKED MUFFIN–”

audrey: “okay, okay. i get it, alright? he’s a jerk and i probably shouldn’t have started dating him in the first place.”

audrey: “just calm down. i’ve got a plan, man.”

liam: “oh. a plan?”

audrey: “yeah, a plan. it just occurred to me.  i just need time to talk to devon first.”

also of note:  all this time, i’ve been calling him devon when his name is actually davon.  looooooool.

dAvon:  “no wonder i hate this family so much.”

liam: “but what if audrey’s plan backfires and davon kills us all in our sleep?!”

davon: “oh god stop your whining, man.”

liam: “you’re reading one of my grandma’s romance novels and it’s very inappropriate.”

finn: “just coming through to grab a snack, boys. don’t mind me.”

liam: “dad, tell davon to put grandma’s book down and leave.”

finn: “he’s not doing anything, just leave him alone.”

davon: “fine, if it matters that much. i’ll just put the book back.”

liam: “maybe i didn’t think this through.. without the book, now what’s he gonna do…”

finn: “maaaaaaybe i don’t really need that snack.”

yeah, it’s probably best to get the heck outta the kitchen.

especially since liam steels his nerves and finally.. finally goes over to talk to davon.

liam: “listen, i don’t want to fight with you. i just want to make it clear that i don’t approve of you dating my little sister. at all.”

davon: “i don’t give a shit what you do or do not approve of, loser! your sister and i are happy together, back off.”

liam: “whoa, no need to get feisty. i just think it’s something that might tear my friendship apart with her–”

davon: “here’s an idea, how about you mind your own business for a change?”

davon: “you have the maturity of a gnat, dude! just leave me alone!”

liam: “leave YOU alone? you’re in MY house!? you are always in my house!”

davon: “well soooooooorrrrrrryyyyyyy. i guess you just don’t want me to ever see my girlfriend outside of school.”

liam: “um, hello? that is precisely what i want?”

liam: “i think you’re actually the loser and you’ve glommed onto my sister and pick on me all the time in an attempt to hide it.”

davon: “whoa, man. way to hit below the belt.”

liam: “hit a sore spot, did i? *high pitched voice* blehhh i’m davon and i’m a pathetic manbaby that just wants to be popular but can’t be because i’m such a jerk!”

davon: “that is not how i sound at all!”

davon: “and in case you’ve forgotten, the only loser here is you!”

liam: “i wish you’d get the hell out of my house.”

davon: “yeah? gonna do something about it, loser?”

not wanting to get his butt kicked again, liam decides that no.. he’s not gonna do anything about it, he said what he had to say. and instead, he leaves davon in the kitchen..

davon: “man, this is just exhausting.”

and when he returns to finish his painting, fallon on the other hand..

fallon: “don’t worry, bro. i got your back.”

fallon: “that kid’s ass is grass.”

oh snap.  i mean, there’s also a faint little heart there too.. do you think he’s cute?

fallon:  “shut up, this is not the time!”

fallon: “you and i need to talk.”

davon: “great. let’s just all line up to talk to me, sure.”

fallon: “what is your problem? do you treat my sister the way you treat my brother?”

davon: “no, actually. audrey and i get along great.”

fallon: “haha, it’s so cute that you think no one would ever notice you are dating way out of your league.”

davon:  “wh-what?!”

fallon: “that’s right, i said it. my sister is way too good for you. and i can see now why my brother dislikes you so much.”

davon: “yeah, well, the more you two pick on the fact that i’m dating your sister, the more i just want to stay with her!”

fallon: “mark my words, davon. one way or another, you will be out of my family’s life. audrey will see the mistake she’s made.”

davon: “mistake? she hasn’t made any mistakes, she’s perfect and–”

fallon: “and how come you beat up my brother so long ago? you’re older than he is, does picking on someone younger and smaller than you make you feel like a big man?”

davon: “he overcharged me! what else was i supposed to do?!”

fallon: “oh, so beating up a younger kid is the way you handle things?”

davon: “ugh, obviously you wouldn’t understand.”

fallon: “understand this, jerk face!”

fallon: “you’ve terrorized my family long enough!”

davon: “nobody slaps davon goldberg around and gets away with it!”

fallon: *screeches*

omgomg not cool, NOT COOL

perhaps davon’s MO is, indeed, to pick on younger kids… because he just jumped on fallon in the kitchen there at the drop of a hat.

granted, she did start it, but..

instead, davon turned her ass into grass and aaaaahhh, my poor baby! T_T

and in true coward form, once her butt was kicked.. fallon went bolting from the scene.


finn: “not so fast, young lady.”

fallon: “aw crap.”

davon:  “just gonna do my homework now, to keep up appearances in front of the adults.”

finn: “what is wrong with you, picking fights?! someone could’ve gotten seriously injured!”

fallon: “dad, wait, you didn’t see what happened–”

finn: “youre right, i didn’t. but i HEARD IT and no child of mine is gonna brawl in the kitchen like that! TIME OUT”

fallon: “time out!? but i’m not a little kid–”


davon: “serves you right, beating me up like that.”

LIES! you lie!

fallon: “hmph, this is so not fair.”

and so fallon, even though all she was doing was defending her older bro’s honor, has to stand in the corner and think about what she’s done.

fallon: “man, this SUCKS.”

liam: “hey, but thanks for doing that!”

and liam doesn’t get into trouble at all…

finn: “i hope she learns her lesson. violence is not the answer.”

but c’mon, i mean.. devon’s smug face was asking for a beat down.

finn: “maybe. which is why he needs to get the heck out of my house.”

finn: “davon, it’s time to leave.”

davon: “okay, mr. daines 🙂 nice seeing you today 🙂 you look really great, by the way 🙂 been working out? 🙂 🙂 ”

…little lying suck up, why i oughta–

davon: “nope, i’m outta here. byeeeeeeeee!”

zoe: “my poor kid. i get what she was trying to do.”

right?? of course the insane sim understands. maybe fallon went about it the wrong way, but she was only trying to stand up for liam and protect audrey..

liam: “look, fallon. look, i finished my painting.. fallon..?”

fallon: “i can’t look anywhere but right here, man. i’m in time out, remember?”

zoe: “it’s okay, sweetie. i’ll let you off the hook for now.”

zoe: “you just can’t fight like that. what if you’d gotten hurt? i kind of need you to be in one piece.”

fallon: “okay, momma. i understand.”

zoe: “now go do something productive.”

fallon:  “i will, just watch me!”

so she does! fallon works out for hours. perhaps so her scrawny arms can better pummel davon in a rematch!?!


XD okay okay, maybe not.


audrey: “i stayed out of it. i don’t wanna pick sides.”

…well hmph. that wish you rolled to snub davon sure seems like you picked a side.

that night, while the family slept peacefully, something lurked in the darkness..

evil mr. gnome: “HI IT’S ME DAVON, HERE TO WAKE YOU UP”

liam: “OH DEAR GOD WHAT?!”


no, hon. no, it was just the evil gnome..

evil mr. gnome: “bwauauahahahaha! i gave him gnightmares too!”

good morning, fallon! are you getting ready for the day?

fallon: “not exactly.”

fallon: “hee hee hee. just gonna leave some hair dye in the shampoo here..”

oh. oh i see. after her scrap with davon, fallon woke up the next morning having one hell of a mood swing.

no piece of furniture was safe..

neither were the appliances…

fallon: *mischievous giggling*

i think she left a prank on everything she possibly could, throughout the house.

fallon: “this is what happens when teenage hormones go haywire!”

quite so.

fallon: “okay time for school!”

with the kids all at school, and with part-time jobs and after-school activities, as well as finn having a proper rabbit-hole job now, zoe is pretty much on her own all day.

she has the garden to take care of, and the pets too, but since her LTW is complete she doesn’t have to immediately go off to scuba dive anymore…

so with some free time on her hands, she decides to go visit some family!

kaylee: “hey, zoe!”

zoe: “your hair looks so different.”

kaylee: “so does yours. mid-life crisis for you, too?”

kaylee: “please don’t judge my home.”

we would never! in fact, since zoe and her family are practically swimming in cash right now, we do a little testingcheatsenabled > buy on this lot for kaylee and plop down some much needed toys and beds and cribs.

this is one of kaylee’s youngest, named beatriz!  i think i called her beatrix in a past update, but her name is with a z and not an x.  my apologies.

beatriz:  “no problemo!”

she is freakin’ adorable, though.  aww~~

kaylee: “and this is fransisco!”

yay, the baby she had in the last part! DOUBLE AWWW~~~~~~

zoe spends some time with her cousin’s little ones..

but soon, one of kaylee’s older boys appears.. this is brenton! we haven’t met brenton yet. it seems the pigtail epidemic is spreading… even the kid’s dad, ronny, got hit with the pigtails when he aged up to adult. smh.

kaylee: “when did we get this activity table! SCORE!”

because i can’t control my makeover finger, we soon see that brenton is actually quite adorable too 🙂

kaylee:  “can someone make food magically appear too?  i’m hungry!”

zoe: “hello, brenton. i have a request from the overlords. would you please tell your parents to get married now?”

brenton: “umm. sure thing, you got it. i’ll pass it right along.”

please do, before i meddle and do it myself. four kids and no wedding, wth gives!

as zoe is leaving, kaylee’s oldest.. whom we’re all familiar with.. comes running home. hi berjes!

zoe: “why is he home? it’s not even 10am yet.”

not sure, but he and brenton came home early! maybe they wanted to see you! *SHRUG*

anyway, zoe was off to see her other cousin!

and i could’ve sworn kaylee and simon’s homes were switched originally when i moved them out. rena and simon had the three trailers and kaylee and ronny had this cute colorful house?

..perhaps they swapped houses on their own, or i’m just remembering wrong, either way.

simon: “good to see ya, zoe.”

zoe: “your hair looks different, too.”

simon: “yeah, those mid-life crises are tough.”

simon was home with his little one, named junior! he got simon’s blonde hair :’)

they also have this super cute doggy 😀

just as before, zoe spends some time with the little one.. and i spread the family fortune around a bit with some kid and pet stuff.

no joke, i think the family has about 800k in simoleons at the moment, so why not bestow the extended family with gifts!

before she leaves, zoe gives her cousin a hug. :’) aw.

i miss simon, i have to say.

zoe: “you and rena have done well for yourselves. the overlords are pleased.”

simon: “oh, i’m so glad.”

but zoe makes sure she’s home when her hubby arrives from work.

these two are still so stupidly in love. every time they’re in a room together, one of them wishes to hug or flirt or kiss or woohoo with the other one. it’s enough to make ya sick!

it was here that i decide maybe zoe might like a real, actual, proper job.. so she goes looking for listings online.

however, not only does nothing really fit for zoe (i might have to go searching for a custom career for her, too), but i completely forgot fallon had pranked the computer, and..

zoe: “AHH! what kind of higgelty nonsense was that!?”

hahaha, sorry hon ♥

zoe: “is it safe to look through more job listings now?”

finn randomly rolls a wish to paint a portrait of anouk.. of all the sims in the household, his beautiful wife or his lovely children, he wants a portrait of the dog.

he’s my kinda man 😀

finn: “this is the best idea.”

when liam gets home from school, his hydration need is really super low. so before he has to head off to work, he takes a shower, but um..

liam: “something doesn’t feel quite right.”

liam: “what’s this on my hand? hot pink??”


ahahhaha, fallon’s pranks.. going off without a hitch.

she’s not home to witness all this because she’s in an after-school activity! not sure why i picked art club for her, but i did.. and she finished this adorable painting of a blob-like panda while there.

so it gets framed and hung on the wall in the upstairs hallway. 🙂

after art club, however, she doesn’t even come home. with her mood swing still chuggin’ along, she heads to the community pool…

…to leave a few surprises there, too.

then she’s off again, running through town..

to a house, not far from the legacy lot.

fallon: “the door is see-through so this probably isn’t the best idea, but..”


she also picks THE most precarious spot to throw them from, just adding to the danger of it all.

the only sim home is this poor pregnant lady, who probably does not need the added stress of having her house egged.

lady: “i totally do not. this girl is messing up my chi.”

lady: “kid, would you stop this!? you’re gonna make us both fall off this very tiny ledge!”

fallon: “this was SO MUCH FUN.”

well, i’m glad you enjoyed it…

because pregnant lady went inside and called the cops on you.

fallon: “oh shit.”


fallon: “ugh. whatever, so worth it.”

the lovely police officer escorts her home, and when she gets inside…


finn: “damn right, you’re grounded! i could throttle you, fallon! what has gotten into you!?!”

fallon: “geez, i’m sorry. don’t pop a blood vessel.”

fallon slinks off to her room to pout and do her homework, and audrey…

audrey: “hey, yeah! it’s just me, inviting you over to the house again!”

guuuuurrrrrrl, are you sure this is a good idea? as if there needs to be more turmoil in the house…

but it seems she has something up her sleeve, so sure.. why not. davon can come over.

davon: “so how about the weather today? i heard it was gonna rain, but it hasn’t, and–”

audrey: “nope, okay, this is so boring.”

audrey: “just shut up and listen to me for a second.”

davon: “shut up? don’t tell me to shut up..”

also please ignore the magically disappearing and reappearing plants, eh heh.

audrey: “i am SO TIRED of you being mean to everyone. you beat up both my brother AND my sister. am i next?”

davon: “what? i’d never do that to you..”

audrey: “well, i don’t wanna chance it. we’re through, davon. i am breaking up with you.”

audrey: “do you hear me!? I AM BREAKING UP WITH YOU”

davon: “but this is so sudden? what gives?”

audrey: “maybe fallon isn’t the only one going through a mood swing today.”

davon: “well this is bullshit.”

audrey: “get out of my face, davon, and off my property. i am so sick of you making my family crazy.”

davon: “i don’t really think they need my help to be crazy. all of y’all have lost your damn minds.”

davon: “whatever, goodbye losers. you all can kiss my ass.”

audrey: “not on your life, buddy.”

well, with that.. audrey fulfilled her wish to snub davon. and inside…

finn: *screams like a baby goat*

finn: “i am going to murder my child. i swear it.”

ahahahaha…. ahah… ah. probably best to leave it here 😀

thank you so very much for reading, friends! i’ll see you all next time~~ ♥♥

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  1. Those dang pigtails! D:


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