second goodbye

howwwwdyyy y’all! how’s it goin’? all good, all good i hope.

it’s currently very early morning (or perhaps very late evening) in my neck of the woods, but i thought i’d get a post up because i’m feeling like it’s gonna be a good one.. and even *i* am excited on how it’ll turn out.

so let’s find out, shall we? 🙂

good morning, fallon! she has the best sleepwear, does she not?

fallon: “yes she does!”

last time, chiara died.. and was brought back by grimmy due to one of the family pets, anouk, demanding it. and to be honest, no one seems phased by it at all.

chiara:  “i know.  you’d think they’d throw a party for me or something!”

fallon:  “i made breakfast, does that count?”

in fact, both girls come to join chiara on the sofa to eat breakfast. so maybe they are phased by her almost-death, just a little :’)

finn: “good morning, family!”

finn……. finn. oh my god, look at your muscley legs! O_O

he’s a dive master now in the oceanography career (that i downloaded here, not sure if i ever linked it or not!) and the career ensemble for dive masters is amazeballs. XD

finn: “this shot is totally not to show off my butt in these teeny shorts.”

yes, quite right. *cough*

fallon: “and *this* shot is totally not to show off my new backpack.”

these sims, it’s like they know!

but fallon has her backpack on for a reason, it’s her first day of high school!

thankfully, she’s got her older siblings there to show her the ropes 🙂

chiara is still a writing maniac. she writes so much that she often has to fix her own laptop after it overheats.

chiara: “and watch, i won’t even die while sticking this metal screwdriver into the power jack!”

correct. she did not die.

since zoe and finn are both going through a mid-life crisis, they roll all kindsa wishes. i’ve actually been trying to fulfill most of them, so when zoe rolled a wish to get a stylist makeover.. i thought why not!

stylist: “oh, lordy. this lady needs so much help.”

so, go on! help her!

stylist: “alright. let’s see here. first of all, this outfit has got to go.”

zoe: “really? my formal wear is my favorite.”

truth. out of all her outfits, this is the one she swaps to most often.

stylist: “uh, yeah.. no, sweetheart. this outfit is just not doing you any favors.”

zoe: “my clothing is supposed to do me favors? i wish i’d known this sooner, i would’ve asked it to fish for me!”

stylist: “and, i mean, just look at your reflection there. that high waist makes you look fat.”

zoe: “fat?? i only like looking round when there’s a baby inside here.”

stylist: “don’t even get me started on that ‘do, too. you need a haircut, asap.”

zoe: “okay! okay, let’s do it all! make me over!”

stylist: “tada!”

zoe: “OHMYGOSH i LOVE it!”


stylist: “pleeeeeease say you’ll keep it? i don’t get paid unless you keep it.”

zoe: “i think i’ll keep it forever.”

zoe: “alright, i’m done. let’s get out of here.”

UM OKAY NO? this outfit is just so much nope.

zoe: “weeeeeeelllllll. if you think you can do better..”

i most certainly can! watch me.

zoe: “holy crap, this IS way better! look at me, i’m the hottest mom!”

rena: “the hottest?”

okay, rena, you’re pretty hot too but look at zoe! look at how fantastic she looks..

it feels like zoe has looked the same way for… well, forever. she’s had long flowy hair ever since she was a teen. but this short cut, and the new everyday wear dress (which i believe is the only outfit i changed), and the more subdued makeup…

ahh, she’s gorgeous ♥♥ and i am reminded all over again why i’ve been in love with her for so long!

zoe: “simon? why are you and your wife flirting just here?”

rena: “we wanted to watch you get your makeover! but now, it is time for wooing.”

zoe: “oooooookay, now we can go. was nice to see simon, at least :)”

he and rena are so happy, i get popups about them constantly! they’ve had another kid, named junior XD as well as their older son, lewis!

it also still cracks me up that simon took rena’s last name when they got married, aha.

back at home, you can see why anouk saved chiara.. the pets LOVE chiara.

if chiara isn’t doing something, the pets bombard her from all sides. always.

anouk: “need i remind you that it’s because we love her?”

awwwwww.. no need to remind me, i already know!

fallon: “mama? your new hair looks so great.”

zoe: “thank you, muffin. i like it too :)”

zoe: “she’s a sweet kid, isn’t she?”

she is. one of the many reasons why i adore her!

fallon: “um? i’m right here.”

don’t interrupt while you’re getting complimented 😛

zoe shares a quick dinner with her kids, and it is quick.. because…

devon: “yo, i’m here to pick up audrey for prom.”

ah yes, prom! i did mention in my last update that it was this week?

also someone (not gonna name names) seems to have changed devon’s hair.. so weird……

devon: “hello, mr. daines. my name is devon and i’m here to take your lovely daughter, audrey, to prom.”

finn: “hmm. he seems quite nice.”

well, at least when he’s around audrey he’s nice anyway..

finn: “no funny business at the dance tonight, okay? no staying out past curfew, no crazy pranks with the punch bowl. got it?”

audrey: “omgdaddyno. ugh why does he have to talk to devon??”

audrey: “and why is he in those tiny shorts!? UGH”

devon: “got it, mr. daines. we’ll be on our best behavior.”

however, devon isn’t the only date to show up! liam’s girlfriend, martina, also makes it over to head with the group to the dance.

martina:  “i may be soaking wet thanks to this rain, but i am so ready to dance your pants off.”

devon:  “gross.  so gross.”

get your mind outta the gutter, mister!

zoe: “suddenly there are so many children on my doorstep. are they multiplying?”

liam: “holy crap can we just go? i don’t need my nemesis judging me or my parents questioning my date now, too.”

and so they go! i promise, devon is in the limo somewhere..

fallon: “i hope they wait for me, too. i get to go now that i’m a teen :D”

oh yes! yay, fallon gets to go to prom!

while you look at their prom pics, i’ll tell you what happened.

liam was named prom king! and he and martina had a blast together. i think i got the popup about liam grabbing punch for martina approximately 79 times XD

of course, because he is an ass, devon didn’t change into his formalwear for the dance. :T but audrey was named prom queen! as is appropriate for my legacy, because i think prom king and queen have been siblings every single generation, lol.

devon also asked audrey to go steady, and she said yes… dun dun dunnn

since fallon didn’t have a date, her prom was much less exciting.. she was rejected for a dance by her ‘crush’ (whoever that is) but her picture is fantastic and i love her formalwear!

though, to be fair, there is very little that i don’t love about fallon.  :3

while the teens are gone, the house is pretty quiet.

chiara: “but at least i can write in peace!”

finn: “and, me and my wife can flirt, also in peace!”

finn: “i’ve missed you. i feel like we never get to spend any time together now that i’m working.”

zoe: “we have some time now, before the kids get home…”

finn: “let’s make the most of it.”

zoe: “oh, finn..”

SO HEY who knew that the metal woohooium, once smelted, glows and shoots off hearts when sims woohoo? that’s solely why i took this picture, not to show off my heiress and her hubby gettin’ it on.. eh heh.

anyway! later on that evening, the kids all arrive home from prom. did you have a good time?

liam: “yeah, it was good. but now i feel a little… disappointed.”

oh? why..?

liam: “that’s why.”

ohhhhhhhhh nooooooooo. at least she waited until after prom to have her birthday?

in fact..

for some reason, miss collins was right outside the house when she had her birthday.

martina: “i’ll wait for you, liam.”

but, um. he still has a week or more until he ages up–

martina: “I SAID I’LL WAIT”

okay, okay. wait for him, thank you.

the next morning, finn squeezes in a bit of painting before he heads off to work..

and fallon picks the perfect spot for some before-school reading for me to show you where audrey’s prom pic went!

but she only reads for a little while, and heads downstairs for breakfast..

zoe: “look at my kid, being all grown up and stuff.”

yeah, she’s pretty awesome.

zoe: “i did that. i made this perfect child.”

well, i think finn helped.. just a little.

and then finally, fallon makes it to breakfast. she has a corndog, because why not.

fallon: “you’re taking an obscene amount of pictures of me again.”

i know, i know…

so let’s focus on some other sims!

finn: “audrey? can i talk to you for a sec?”

audrey: “you’re interrupting my piano time, daddy.”

finn: “well that’s what i wanted to talk to you about..”

finn: “i don’t really play this much anymore, and since you’re more musically inclined..”

audrey: “omg daddy, you shouldn’t have! is this a new grand piano!?”

finn: “no, it’s not.. it’s my hand-me-down guitar. i thought you’d get more use out of it than i have.”

audrey: “oh a guitar! that’s awesome too, thank you!”

audrey immediately takes to it. since the family was so good at teaching her all the toddler skills, she starts off on this thing at level 3!

evil mr. gnome: “mwauahahahaah! my plan is going off perfectly! now all sims will stop what they are doing to listen to her play, causing their needs to drop dangerously low!”

what the.. where did he come from?

the family seems to have quite a lot of gnomes roaming around the house. it started with just this one, the gnome you get from scuba diving…

but they have since multiplied.. there’s this, the freezer bunny gnome, as well as a martial arts gnome(!?!?!? no idea how or why the family has this one), the dog gnome, and now.. the evil gnome.

i suppose it’s best not to question it.

anyway, the rest of the day is pretty uneventful. chiara writes, zoe fishes, the kids go to school.. and when they all are home, it’s just.. heartwarming. :’) lookit them all.


this happens, which in turn…

causes this to happen..


YAYAYAYAY! grats, zoe! and grats me!! that LTW was a lot of work but i am so glad it’s finished! i feel so accomplished, and so happy that zoe’s LTW is complete!

WOOHOOOOOO *tosses confetti*

liam: “not to interrupt, but have you seen this painting i’m working on?”

interesting. if i didn’t know any better, i’d say that looks like a person sitting on the toilet?

liam: “that’s because it is.”

…well okay then.

and the next morning, a saturday, the family wakes up to—oh god, wait a minute?? finn how did you get singed?? IS THERE A FIRE OH GOD

finn: “no, silly, this is just my new work outfit. i’m an underwater demolitionist now.”

welp. i suppose that makes sense.

since it’s saturday, though, i thought the family might spend some time at finn’s resort! it’s been a hot minute since anyone visited there.

zoe: “race you to the car!”

zoe: “slow poke!”

i suppose i changed zoe’s athletic wear when i gave her the makeover!

fallon: “hmph. fine. gonna just walk real slow now.”

everyone piles into the taxi boat–

audrey: “except for me! i think i’ll swim there.”

grr. this is the only annoying thing, imo, about mermaids. they always wanna swim everywhere, and it takes forever.

so instead, i send her scuba diving! there’s a dive spot really close to the house, so audrey investigates..

and everyone else enjoys the amenities that copa cabana has to offer 🙂

fallon blows bubbles..

zoe checks out what the pool bar has to offer..

this teen boy with the fabulous hair (whose name is moses!) checks out the regular bar…

moses: “i’m so stressed out, i need to blow off some steam.”

moses: “bartender! give me a shot of your strongest juice!”

mixologist: “right, kid. how about a tall glass of water?”

moses: “that’ll do.”

some random sim brought their cat to the resort and look! O_O look at this cat!

LOOK! if that doesn’t look like the spawn of pineapple catt then i dunno what would!

story progression must’ve used pineapple as a genetic parent for this kitty. it just had to. awww.

his name is elwood!

and he’s a jerk!


*quickly resetsim Elwood* …..

XD anyway! check out fallon’s swimwear! i love that she wears her hat for every outfit. x)

fallon: “it’s great being the very obvious favorite. i get so much screen time.”

ahahah… ahaha…. aha… ah. yes.

after exploring the dive spot, audrey swims all the way (yes, the entire way) to copa cabana.. but once she’s there, she fishes!

the only sim that doesn’t visit is the owner, finn.. because he has a proper job now. haw haw.

even kaylee appears on the lot! a very prego kaylee! HI!

not long after this, she waddled off the lot to have her baby. his name is fransisco!! kaylee and ronny (who are STILL not married btw) have four kids together. four! berjes, brenton, beatrix…. and fransisco. maybe they got tired of all the B names. x)

the family has lots of fun in the sun, but before they can all spontaneously combust from being in the heat too long.. i send them home.

and look at these nerds, skilling it up. i love it!

liam finishes that painting! and it is, indeed, a girl sitting on the toilet.

liam: “i like it.”

of course you do 😛

but if you’ll recall, liam is not artistic.. well, traditionally artistic. he’s actually more inclined towards the culinary arts.

specifically, he’s always loved baking..

anouk: “are those dog-friendly cupcakes?”

they look like they have chocolate in them, girl 😦 i’m sorry.

but they are ADORABLE once liam is done!

liam: “yay, i love baking! i wish there was a LTW to make 100 cupcakes!”

me too, kiddo. it’d be perfect for you.

fallon: “not to alarm you, but um..”

fallon: “there is a *gulp* evil gnome roaming the house right now.”

aw, you poor baby. her coward trait is so cute, sometimes. don’t worry! the gnome won’t get you.

fallon: “i hope you’re right. i’m about to go to sleep, after all.”

also note.. her prom pic, and a greeting card pic she and her siblings took when she was still a kid!

everyone else heads to bed too not long after fallon, but while i’m impatiently awaiting the morning.. i notice something strange in her moodlets.

gnightmare! XD that’s amusing, i wonder where that came from–

evil mr. gnome: “MWAHAHAHAHAH i picked THIS room specifically to pop into!”

egads! okay, even i’ve gotta admit that’s really creepy.

so when morning does finally come, there’s only one appropriate thing to do.

fallon: “kick his dumb face over!”

that’s right 8D

chiara: “good morning, kuma. you didn’t come wake me up like you usually do.”

kuma: “i didn’t want to disturb you. i feel like you’ll need the extra rest today.”

huh. that doesn’t sound ominous or anything..

chiara: “not ominous at all. in fact, i just fed the fish and i’m now going to stand here in the hallway.. in the very spot where my husband died.”

chiara: “wait a second here, this is too coincidental to not be significant.”

sigh. :/


chiara: “but who will do the breakfast dishes now without me!?”

liam: “i’ll do them, grandma. i’ll do them every morning, in your honor.”

grim reaper: “well well. we meet again.”

grim reaper: “i trust you remember what i said last time? there will be no more reprieve, chiara cole-serverus.”

chiara: “but please! i only had a few days, that wasn’t long enough!”

grim reaper: “off your knees, chiara. it’s time to go.”

man, my heart breaks for them. they’ve had to do this not only once, but twice…

anouk: “i’m sorry, i couldn’t save you this time!”

anouk: “i will miss you.”

fallon: “oh, grandma. this second goodbye hurts even worse than the first.”

fallon: “holy crap, wait a minute. did i just see death, in the flesh!?”

fallon: “oh god, my heart can’t take all this stress and fear!”

and thus, fallon faints on the floor right there…..

this time, it really is goodbye. and it just makes me so very sad. i adored chiara, and thoroughly enjoyed watching her entire life.. from birth to death.. unfold.

we will miss you terribly.  rest in peace, chiara.  ♥

and since i have no more pictures to show you, i suppose this sad note is where i must end things.  until next time, friends~  thank you for reading.

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