that was a bust

hiiiiieeeeeeeee! what’s shakin’, party people?

it seems i am super determined to keep this legacy ball rolling, because i just can’t stop playing. and it’s a catch-22, because i still adore this game and this family.. but the more i play, the closer the end of my legacy looms.. and that in and of itself is bittersweet.

but no matter 🙂 we’re here for an update, right? and an update ye shall have..

liam: “i wonder what grandma has in her queue for me right now..”

yep, chiara is still goin’ strong. she’s not the longest lived sim in my legacy so far, i think that title probably still belongs to.. maybe emma, from gen2? maybe. i know she lived a long time, i can’t quite recall if any other sims have lived well beyond my lifespan.. but anyway! chiara is still around with, it seems, no plans on going anywhere soon.

chiara: “i may be old, but i can still teach you a thing or two.”

chiara: “so how about i help you learn how to drive?”

liam: “don’t have to ask me twice! let’s go!”

well.. i mean. sure, why not. let the 98 year old grandma teach the teen how to drive. what could possibly go wrong? XD

liam: “this could go wrong, she’s so slow! come oooonnnnnnn, gramma!”

liam pretty much makes a beeline for mattie’s old car, one of the most expensive cars the family can have. of course.

chiara: “i’m comin’, i’m comin’! these legs don’t move as fast as they used to!”

back inside, fallon shows us that yes.. there is very little she does that is not presiding over her royal court.

fallon: “SILENCE! *clap clap* bring me my court jester!”

zoe: “she’s adorable :)”

if a bit annoying….

in record time, it feels like, chiara has taught liam how to drive!

liam: “but what if i crash!? oh god!”

chiara: “so i know i’m a few days late, but i wanted to teach you how to drive for your birthday.”

liam: “thanks, grams. do i get to keep great uncle matt’s sweet car?”

chiara: “hahahah no. i did get you something though..”

liam: “oh man, no way! are these keys to my own car??!”

chiara: “lol kid, no. it’s a frisbee i’ve had in my inventory for centuries now.”

liam: “….oh. well thanks, anyway. that’s really thoughtful of you.”

and once they arrive home, chiara and liam and fallon.. who managed to drag herself away from her kingdom.. play a little dominoes on the table i just bought for the family!

i am forever rearranging their living area, but i moved all the toddler toys out (sad face, no more babies…) and replaced them with the dominoes set! i also got a chess table for them too, because finn (and his genius trait) is always rolling wishes to play chess.

also that.. thingy, on the wall there above the box of dog toys.  that was a happiness reward that i got with points chiara has earned.  she has, i think, every possible reward that could be even remotely helpful by now and has earned just under 375k in happiness points!  and so i got.. that.  it’s called the ExtraordinAIRe-Inator and it allows sims to meditate in front of it and also puffs out little bursts of scented air or something or other.  *SHRUG*

after dominoes, liam rolls a familiar wish..

liam: “gotta brush my teeth three times in a row.”

liam: “if i don’t, the earth’s axis will tilt too far to the right and we’ll all die.”


and then.. he runs off to get his feet wet, quite literally!

while audrey and zoe fish, because that feels like that’s all they do lately.

however, once he’s properly in the water… his pretty citrus-colored scales disappear?? odd.

i ended up fixing this by going to change his scale colors and adjusting them ever so slightly, and his tail kept the colors the next time 🙂

later on that evening, the family shows precisely why i love them so. they spend time together, watching tv :’)

liam:  “hmmm.  now why does he not add salt to the eggs before cooking them?”

clearly they’re watching food network.

even zoe eventually joins them, too.

liam:  “i must make mental notes, here.”

finn: “oh, what a heartwarming family moment this is!”


that night, before bed, liam is a bit hungry so..

liam: “want a scone with jam, gramma? i’m gonna make one.”

chiara: “no thanks, kiddo. i have my eyes set on some deep fried cheese sticks.”

liam uses some of the cherry jam his mom made!

it looks soooooo gooooood. why is it that the foods in the sims 3 always make me hungry?

well! how is it?

liam: “tasty!”

chiara: “mine is sure to be tasty, too.”

wait. so you fired up the deep fryer, spent like.. 45 sim-minutes cooking with it.. and all you made was ONE cheese stick?

chiara: “i still have my figure to think about after all.”


while my sims are asleep, i tend to busy myself by going through their inventories.. perhaps you’ve noticed in the background of other pictures, but i cheated a little and bought the family some chests from world adventures, to hold some of their stuff. zoe finds so many gems while scuba diving that one chest is full entirely of cut stones and smelted ores. another chest is full of seeds of various fruits and veggies. there’s also always books coming in the mail, thanks to chiara still churning them out. as well as just miscellaneous stuff that piles up.

i also go through the family inventory, because sims are creepy and send them all love letters with gifts. the plant above is significant enough to show off for two reasons… 1. it’s from rena marquez (simon’s wife) for finn from a love letter, lolol. and 2. it replaces sloan’s cage in the hallway because sloan just up and disappeared too, just like derek the crow. no trace of him anywhere. so for now, sloan’s hallway is now this plant’s hallway.

plant: “i assure you, i’m much more friendly than sloan ever was.”

the next morning, there’s a chill in the air! the windows are all frosted..

liam: “must mean spring is here.”

yay, something different for a change!

he’s the first one up, with a wish to fulfill, so he heads downstairs and..

would you look at that! freezer bunny gnome! 😀

anyway! with his natural cook trait, liam rolled a wish to serve a meal.. so he’s making the family breakfast.

liam: “and it’s starting to come together.  just needs a bit more sugar.”

it’s cobbler! specifically, raspberry cobbler. and that sounds so good for breakfast, ahh~

liam: “it is a true culinary masterpiece!”

and the family all head down to a sweet, fruit-filled, decadent breakfast.

liam: “just make sure you don’t leave your dirty plates around, thanks.”

liam: “i’m so glad they’re all enjoying it. baking is my passion 🙂 ”

finn: “seriously, don’t leave your dirty plates on the table.”

XD with chiara and liam’s neurotic traits and finn’s perfectionist trait, i sincerely doubt the plates will stay on the table long.


as liam does almost every morning, he rolls a wish to give anouk some attention.

also look! the ground is frosty, and you can finally see my sims’ outerwear! spring is indeed here, and it looks like it brought a little cold snap along with it.

liam: “good morning, anouk.”

anouk: “ah, my morning brush~”

just in case you were curious, this is fallon’s outerwear 🙂

chiara: “and this is mine! be good, audrey!”

audrey: “be good? didn’t i clean my plate up from breakfast?”

chiara: “i hope they’ll be alright for a few days.”


finn: “we got offered a free vacation from my work! we’re going to hidden springs for a two-day retreat, no kids allowed.”

oh, i seeeeee!

zoe: “keep an eye on your sisters, liam. i want to come back to you all in one piece!”

liam: “yeah yeah, mom.”

so, liam! it’s the weekend again, and you have the house all to yourself! what do you plan on doing??

liam: “i dunno, finish reading this recipe maybe?”

…seriously? no parents for two whole days and you wanna read recipes?

liam: “okayyyyyy, fine. we’ll do something.”

liam: “the spring festival is in town..”

oooh. that sounds like fun!

so liam and his sisters head off for it!

audrey tries hunting festival eggs..

audrey: “yeah, if this pregnant lady would get out of my way!”

while fallon and liam play a bit of horseshoes..

audrey found an egg 😀

audrey: “that lady didn’t get to this one, score!”

and then she gets her face painted!

but all in all, it’s too cold and too gloomy for my sims to enjoy much of the festival without being soaked from rain and shivering.. so…

…they all head home.

liam: “that was a bust.”

fallon: “i can think of something fun we could do today!”

and it seems liam is already on it 😀

audrey’s birthday isn’t technically until the following day, buttttttt…. well. while the kids were at the festival, liam rolled a specific wish that audrey might benefit from too as a teen.

audrey: “so it’s my birthday today! 🙂 ”


she makes a wish and blows out the candles..

audrey: “check me out, i’m wicked cute!”

oh mylanta. look at herrrrr. she’s so pretty!

and, i mean.. of course she’s pretty, because..

audrey is almost undoubtedly a face clone of her mother. :C  the only difference i can see is that audrey has chiara’s blonde hair instead of cid’s blue.  otherwise, they are pretty much identical.  really disappointing..

but it’s gen10 so it’s not like there’s gonna be an heir anyway, so who cares! not me!  she’s still beautiful.  😀

audrey’s next trait ended up being virtuoso, to go with her previous traits of loner, brave and good sense of humor.

audrey:  “wicked cute and wicked funny.”

the boys of isla paradiso won’t know what hit ’em!

but that wish of liam’s.. bet ya can’t guess what it is. 😛

liam: “party at our place! bring everyone you know!”

liam: “i hope tawanda comes..”

ooooooo~ look at her! do we remember her? i spotted her during liam’s many bake sales as a kid. she grew up cute, it seems!

the kids have a little while until their party starts, so liam shows off his actual pretty orange scales in the pool!

and soon enough, audrey joins him. her tail equally as lovely!

and fallon…

fallon: “i have another royal decree!”

dear god, child. i am so sick of you presiding over your royal court. i’ve had kids in the past that loved doing this too, but nothing.. NOTHING like this. fallon literally does this nonstop……….

wish i could age her up to teen now too, just to put an end to this madness. 😐

fallon: “but i’m still a child for like 4 more days!”

i know -_- trust me, i know.

liam: “how’s it feel to finally be able to stretch your fins?”

audrey: “it feels like i should’ve been doing this years ago.”

i wish child-age mersims had tails too, dang it.

fallon finally freakin’ relents on her royal court, and heads upstairs to play by herself before the guests start arriving..

fallon: “mommy says, i want to preside over my royal court now even though i’m an adult!”

fallon: “and daddy says, do what feels right. i support you in your life decisions.”


liam rolled a wish to serve a home-cooked meal at his party, so here he is deep frying something delicious!

and with the radio on in the living room, audrey dances to get the party ball rolling.

and we have our first guest!

michael: “when did your sister get so hot, liam?”

like.. an hour ago, man. 😛

even though the slumber party should’ve taught me something, i did not note most of these teens’ names down. :T

for what it’s worth, though, there are a LOT of collins and a LOT of ichtaca kids. a lot. so many. the girl above is a collins..

this boy, in the suit, is an ichtaca.

boy: “hey, audrey!”

audrey: “um, i’m over here?”

this poor boy… he, too, is an ichtaca. but i remember his name! it’s lyle.

what an unfortunate face you have, lyle.

tawanda! she has the best name ever. tawanda hamada.

and she’s gorgeous. ♥_♥

i have no clue where that hair color came from. my only guess is that someone in her family tree is a ghost, maybe? way back in the founding generations of this legacy, in appaloosa plains, the kids of the rifkin family popped out with strange red hair that was due to their ancestors being ghosts that died in a fire.. so maybe tawanda’s family is the same, only her ancestors drowned?

anyway, i clearly had a girl crush on her because i took so many pics of her. XD;;

tawanda: “hey, liam! thanks for inviting me!”

devon: “guess who you didn’t invite, but is here anyway?”

oh my god KID WHY


then go the frick home!!

devon: “i will not. he should go home.”

he is home, you numpty.

with so many boys invited, audrey is suddenly… surrounded.

audrey: “my queue is full of so many slow dance interactions, i don’t even know where to begin.”

devon:  “hi my name is nameless ichtaca and i think i have a chance with the loser’s younger sister, hahaha!”

michael: “can i be first? shall we dance?”

audrey: “sure, whatever. let’s dance.”

liam: “um, tawanda? hello?”

i sent him to go say hi. *steeple fingers*

tawanda: “oh, hi liam.”

liam: “yeah, hey. how, um, how are you?”

lyle: “but i was dancing with her..”

tough nuggets, freak face!

tawanda: “i’m doing great! this party is super fun so far.”

liam: “ahah, it’s only just started.”

michael: “now, i’ll just queue up to dance with you next.”

liam: “so i just want to know before anyone gets attached to you.. are you single?”

tawanda: “of course i’m not. i’m dating lyle ichtaca.”

UNFORTUNATE FACE BOY? are you kidding me..

the one that’s currently getting way too comfortable with audrey??

well crap. liam lets tawanda go for the moment while i stew and wonder how i can kill lyle without the party going to shit..

fallon: “don’t worry, i’m fine up here too!”

good, good.

and then suddenly..


liam: “MY STUPID NEIGHBORS CALLED THE COPS ON THE PARTY! everyone’s gotta get out, now!”

michael: “how positively despicable of your neighbors! MWAHAHA”

liam: “YOU GOTTA GO! go go go!”

liam: “especially devon. will be so happy to get him out of my house :)”

michael: “whatever. great party, i guess.”

well that sucks! the party barely lasted an hour. damn those nosy neighbors. i didn’t even get the chance to scheme a way for tawanda and lyle to break up!

liam: “i’m reeeeeeeeeeeeeally sorry, audrey. i thought the party was gonna be way better than that.”

audrey:  “hmph.  tell me about it.  i only got to dance with TWO boys.”

liam: “raincheck? maybe we can have an epic party for your next birthday.”

audrey: “deal.”

audrey: “i saw you trying to chat up tawanda. you two would be so cute together!”

liam: “yeah but i barely got to get to know her..”

berjes: “is this the party?”

….way to be late, berjes. you missed everything!

berjes: “meh. it’s okay. i’ll just hang out instead.”

so without a party to keep the kids occupied, instead audrey discovers the family has had this electric keyboard in the living room..

and she puts her new shiny virtuoso trait to good use!

meanwhile, outside..

anouk: *howls the birthday howl*

it’s her birthday! it feels like she hasn’t been with the family long enough for her to be an elder, but in reality she has been..

and now she’s an elder doggie, aww :’)

fallon: “who is that outside?”

more late party guests, it seems. this girl is a collins, too. and she’s cute! such a shame the party had to end so quickly before my teens could get to scope out their classmates properly..

ah well. with the party a bust, and the spring festival a bust, all the daines kids head off to bed early that night.

which of course, means this.

burglar: “i’ve been scoping out this house for days! with the adults gone, this is the perfect time to strike.”

audrey: “except we have like 15 burglar alarms that wake everyone up on the lot and alert law enforcement.”

burglar: “dangit! i didn’t even get to steal chiara serverus’ latest book!”

there’s a tussle in the front yard..

liam: “*half asleep* is it time for school?”

liam: “oh wait, crap! we’re being burgled!?”

liam: “and the criminal won the fight!? AHH!!”

officer wimpy mcwimpypants: “looks like the burglar got away.”

burglar: “damn right i did.”

fallon: “this alarm is way too loud. i’m going to go sleep in the treehouse.”

audrey: “the burglar got away? i think not.”

audrey: “i’ll teach you to wake us all up with this alarm, on a freakin’ school night!”

audrey: *screams like a banshee*

anouk’s plumbob:  *winks at everyone*

and teeny, scrawny little audrey.. WINS THE FIGHT, FRICK YEAH

she’s got the brave trait, in case you’re wondering. i know, i forgot too 😛

liam: “yeah, sis! WOO!”

audrey: “never underestimate how badass i can be.”

audrey: “because i am.”

you are 😀 you saved the day! well, the night! whatever!

liam: “thank you for doing that, audrey. that was incredible.”

audrey: “aw, it was nothing, bro. you would’ve done the same.”

liam: “not at all.”

the next day, the kids go off to school.. even without the adults home yet! and afterwards, audrey gets roped into tutoring lyle ichtaca at his house.

and it is here that you can see just why lyle has the unfortunate face that he does. woo.

audrey: “i’m not that great at teaching lyle, so just copy my answers, k?”

but that’s not all. once audrey gets home, she helps fallon with her homework too!

audrey: “ummm. i’m not really sure what the capital of champs les sims is. just write down rome or something.”

fallon: “rome? crap i wrote down paris..”

audrey: “or maybe the capital of shang simla is rome..”

fallon: “well which is it?!”

audrey: “wait, i know! write down ‘the capital of champs les sims is definitely not paris’. that’s vague enough that it just might work.”

fallon: “okay, if you say so.”

audrey: “maybe i am pretty awesome at teaching.”

…perhaps we’ll just keep a career in education on the back burner, okay?

later on that evening, yet another teen girl comes to the door..

this time, it’s martina collins. yet another collins kid. rosemarie seriously went ham on having kids.

so sure, why not. audrey invites her inside.

and in proper lighting, we can see that daaaaaaaaaaaanggg. martina is cute af!

liam drops everything to go say hi. *adjusts halo*

liam: “martina, is it? hi, nice to meet you.”

martina: “i knew there was a cute boy inside!”

martina: “you have a beautiful home.”

liam: “oh, thanks. how nice of you to say.”

so liam and martina chat for a while.. about liam’s job..

about the pretty mermaid scales on his legs…

about how nice martina looks in her dress…

about how the line shines so brightly in martina’s beautiful golden eyes..

and it seems miss collins is positively smitten with our liam. :’)

martina: “oh, liam. i feel like i am putty in your hands.”

liam: “so maybe you won’t mind..”

liam: “..if i do this?”

martina: “not at all. in fact i wouldn’t mind if you did it again.. and again..”

liam: “really?”


liam: “who knew i was this smooth?”

i didn’t! your loser trait probably didn’t either! ;P

but they are just so cute together. right??

riiiiiiiiight??!! aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww~~~

so liam seizes the moment this time.

and snags himself a girlfriend. :’)

liam: “but it’s really late now and my parents will be home in the morning, so you gotta go. see you tomorrow in school, martina.”

martina: “i don’t wanna go, though. :C ”

aww. neither do i, quite frankly, but this is the last screenshot i have to show you! so i guess i gotta go too 😀

thank you very much for reading, and i’ll see you all next time~~ ♥♥

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