four birthdays

helloooooooo! welcome back! 😀

this update right here will bring me completely up to date, so my blog is current with where my game sits. the last several updates have been in the past, for me, but no longer!

of course, that means back to back updates on back to back days is a little self-serving.. ’cause now i can freely play without having to worry about getting behind on blog posts. buuuuuttttt, you benefit too because you get another update to read? if you aren’t sick of my updates yet, that is XD

last time, we lost pineapple.. but we gained three new puppies!

and it is definitely puppy pandemonium in the serverus-daines household, lemme tell ya.

also last time, fallon grew into a toddler 😀

audrey: “did you really have to take a picture of me pooping?”

yes. show fallon walking. duh.

finn also got a new job! he’s now an oceanographer, which is a custom career i installed.

for whatever reason, this career outfit he’s in just reminds me of duke nukem. it must be the red top + blue bottoms, and the glasses, that do it.

and chiara.. still alive and kickin’!

chiara: “maybe not… *COUGHS AND CHOKES*..”


chiara: “jk. of course i’m still alive and kicking.”

with both audrey and fallon having learned all their toddler skills, and then some, it’s only a birthday waiting game now..

fallon’s birthday only just passed, so she bides her time with the doll house..

audrey, on the other hand, has a birthday… today..!

however, it is reeeeeeeally early in the morning. chiara gets up super early, and finn has to now for work, so even though it’s a birthday.. it’s still not for a little while, yet.

i’ve gotta give everybody time to wake up and get dressed and eat breakfast, first!

zoe is sampling some of liam’s baked goods :’)

liam: “are you sure that’s a good idea, momma? i think i can see my pocket lint on top of your muffin..”

zoe: “..*coughsputter* i think i can taste it, too.”

kuma: “young pup, you should know that the bird upstairs is evil. we don’t mess with him.”

quite right. sloan the parrot, despite the fact that i love him dearly, will not let any of my sims play with him without biting. no one can gain any relationship with him because he’s so mean!

puppy (that i think is mochi, i have a hard time telling them apart lol): “are there any womrats for me to play with? :D”

kuma: “not right now. there are too many animals in the house as it is!”

kuma speaks the truth, friends. there’s a fish tank, sloan, three puppies and two adult dogs. that’s enough! ….for now.

as i’ve mentioned before, anouk and kuma are the most social dogs i’ve ever had. anouk was bffs with both grumpy and pineapple before they passed, but when it comes to other dogs… anouk and kuma wanna do nothing but socialize.

anouk: “which puppy are you again?”

usagi: “it’s me, usagi, mama!”

anouk: “well i for one happen to like the evil bird upstairs.”

usagi: “but papa told me not to play with him!”

anouk: “just be careful. he’s persnickety.”

usagi: “bird bad, got it.”

yeah, like i said. puppy pandemonium.

though gosh, they are cute. and when combined with cute little kids.. ah, my heart explodes.

chibi (maybe….): “i was going to chew on the blue bone, but usagi got to it first!”

out of all the pups, i have to say the one i like the most is little mochi here. she’s so scrawny looking, i think she’s adorable. XD

anouk has taken a special liking to her, too.

zoe: “all the puppies around remind me..”

zoe: “my own little pups are growing up so fast. 😦 ”

chiara: “haha, swiped the baby. TO THE CAKE!”

it’s finallllyyyyyy birthday time for audrey! oh, i cannot wait to see what she looks like..

zoe: “it was so nice of mum to bake all these cakes for the kids.”

that’s what grandmas do! they make birthdays special :’)

audrey makes a wish and blows out her candles..

audrey: “behold! in all of my glory!”

it’s probably the hair (read: it is definitely the hair) but audrey reminds me so much of chiara as a child. she’s ADORABLE.

also you may notice that audrey’s scales have magically changed colors. this is not of my own doing, i figured the kids could keep whatever scale colors they grew up with. liam’s stayed the same in orange and red, but audrey’s shifted from pink to purple. …which is actually kinda fitting anyway, considering her favorite color is lilac!

her other faves are ratatouille and dark wave music, and i rolled her new trait as good sense of humor to go with her past traits of brave and loner.

and i think she is precious beyond words.

in fact, let audrey show you just how precious she is.

she heads upstairs… and hugs little fallon..

*dies of cute*


audrey: “here you go, baby sister. i can see you’re hungry.”

*dies of cute again*

and theeeeeennnnnnnnn

audrey: “this is sogrosssogrosssogross but i’m doing it to help out.”

*explodes in a shower of hearts*

fallon: “big sisser is THE BEST”

she is, isn’t she?

audrey: “thank you, thank you. i’m glad you all think so!”

audrey: “but now i have bandits to catch, if you don’t mind!”

the levels of bark in the household have hit critical mass. it’s kind of maddening, i gotta say.

also one pup is always in some other pup’s way. XD

audrey: “hi daddy! welcome home! i grew up 😀 ”

finn: “i see, what a beautiful girl you turned out to be..”

sloan: *quietly seethes*

finn: “my kids are growing up to be so wonderful. i can’t wait to see how fallon grows up.”

me too, me too! she’s gonna be fantastic, i just know it.

sloan: “if only this window was open, so i could escape this sickeningly cute family.”

sickeningly cute… like mother-daughter fishing bonding time?

audrey rolled a wish to fish, so she joins zoe outside.

zoe: “fishing is what you wanna do on your birthday?”

audrey: “yeah, mum! i wished for it and everything.”

zoe: “well at least it isn’t raining cats and dogs out here. we have enough pets already!”

i dunno, it’s just cute. two mermaids fishing.

chiara: “i’ve had this jar of stuff in my inventory since mattie died and passed it on to me. and i wanna use it.”

what even is it?

chiara: “no clue. let’s find out!”

she’s reckless in her old… old old age, it seems.

chiara: “i feel.. imbued with the power of the fairies.”

ohh. so it was fairy dust? where on earth did mattie get that..

chiara: “yay, it feels awesome!”

how awesome?

chiara: “THIS AWESOME”

O: how neat! she has the ability to fly now for 24 sim-hours. how cool!

chiara: “but what if i fall and break a hip while flying?!?!”

hmmm truuuuueeeeee. maybe keep your feets on the ground, then.

chiara: “good thinking.”

that afternoon, zoe helps liam with his homework! :’)

while finn takes care of the littlest daines.

and chiara writes for a good long while, but..

chiara: “i need some liquid inspiration.”

she bought several bottles of nectar from the consignment shop a few updates back, so let’s try one of ’em!

a few were made with grapes, and one bottle was made with purple eggplant??? purple eggplant nectar…. wtf

the one she’s trying here is made from grapes, because not even i am cruel enough to make my beloved chiara drink eggplant juice :S

chiara: “mmm, it’s delicious! just what i needed.”

anouk: “i hate to interrupt you getting turnt, but.. something seems to be happening.”

oh god. oh god no. nononononono!!! chiara is sparkling already so i can’t see her sparkles of death nooooooo NOOOOOOOOOOOOO–

chibi: “not that! IT’S ME!! BIRTHDAY! AWOOOOO~!”

@_@ thank heavens for that. yay! the puppies are growing up!

chibi is up first, and he’s a small dog! he looks a lot like kuma, just less fluffy.

chiara: “hey there, fella!”

usagi: “ME NEXT!”

usagi: “tada! i’m a big dog!”

O: she is! and she looks just like anouk but with kuma’s coat coloring!

mochi: “finally, it’s my turn!”

awwwww. mochi is a little dog too, and she’s not fluffy at all!

also, can you see??! she grew up with heterochromatic eyes! one color from each parent!

chiara: “well aren’t they all just adorable.”

they are, they are!

kuma: “i did good.”

you did 🙂 you and anouk made adorable pups together.

they were each born with a few traits, though to be honest i can’t remember them all. i know mochi, here, inherited the hunter trait..

and usagi definitely got kuma’s lazy trait XD

i think it’s hilarious that all three of them don’t look at all alike. two little dogs, one big dog. two girls, one boy. chibi and usagi got anouk’s bright blue eyes and mochi got one eye color from both of her parents. mochi is also the least fluffy and is still just as scrawny looking as an adult as she was as a puppy.

and i also think mochi is the one the family will keep 😀 i’d love to keep all three of the pups, but it’s just too much with five(!) dogs.

chiara: “she’s a good choice. i like her.”

i like her too. she’s different!

chiara: “i now claim her as mine.”

oh? is that so?

awwwwww. yes, it does seem so. mochi sleeps on chiara’s big bed with her. *heart melts*

audrey: “i’m sleepy. i’d like to go to bed too but i can’t because my bedroom still has a crib in it.”

ohhhh alriiiiiiiight.

how’s that? a loft bed with a desk!

audrey: “oh man, i love it!”

during the night, zoe scuba dives.. it seems the only time i can really focus on zoe’s lifetime wish is at night, when everyone is asleep. perhaps that’ll change soon once all the kids are in school..

bright and early the next morning, chiara starts off her day with a bit of writing… on audrey’s new desk. xD

audrey: “morning, gramma.”

the family wakes up to leisure day! it’s finally come. i currently have my seasons set to like 17 days of summer and 7 days of spring, and that’s it. so leisure day took a good long while to get here!

downstairs, audrey sits down to breakfast..

audrey: “what’s this?”

audrey: “ratatouille? yay, my favorite!”

chiara made it in a past update 🙂 audrey finally gets to taste it!

then, after waiting the appropriate thirty minutes, audrey swims.. with the help of mochi.

so cuuuuuuuute!

audrey swipes her dad’s pool lounger and relaxes on the water while mochi paddles about.

but once finn is up and ready for the day, he takes his daughter out for some more fishing.

he needs the skill too, for his new job!

finn: “any fish we catch, we must donate to your mom.”

audrey: “right, right.”

and they do indeed catch some! score!

also how freakin’ beautiful is this fishing spot? my word..

back at home, liam paints. that looks like toad!

and then he, too, gets a turn on the pool lounger 🙂

except he spends his time there, reading. he’s got one of cid’s books :’) it’s a book of poetry, called poems for my girls.. that cid wrote for chiara and zoe!

the rest of the afternoon is pretty uneventful, if not insanely adorable.

and when audrey and finn get home, liam is super excited to finally be able to play with his little sister!

they pelt each other with water balloons for a long time and it’s just so cute.

i know i’ve focused a lot on audrey this update, but liam still holds a special place in my heart. his loser trait just endears him to me even more.

and the fact that he is obsessed with the family pets is an added bonus. 🙂

liam: “fetch!? 😀 ”

anouk: “fetch!? 😀 😀 ”

liam: “go get it, girl!”

liam: “look look! she’s bringing it back!”

she’s a smart girl 😀

liam: “good job, anouk! let’s throw it again!”

as the sun starts setting, audrey fishes more.. because she constantly rolls wishes for it.

she just, um.. well. she fishes in the pool. sure.

liam: “i was never able to play with this as a toddler, but now i can!”

oh yeah! the jack in the box! i always thought this was a toddler toy, but apparently it’s not.

so liam turns the crank, and..

liam: *sobs*

liam: “nope, never again.”

he even got a bad moodlet from it, for the scary clown! poor baby..

leisure day winds down with some final relaxing in the pool, overseen by mama zoe..

and just as the sun dips down beyond the horizon, she sends her kids off to bed with hugs and love.

zoe: “good night, audrey. don’t let the ninjas get you in the night.”

audrey: “….i won’t, momma.”

and that’s all i’ve got to show you for now 😀 i can play again without worrying about getting behind on posts, which means you can expect more updates soon whoopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~!

i thank you so very much for reading and i’ll see you all next time~~ ♥♥♥

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