the loneliest bake sale

hello, beautiful people! i hope you’re having a wonderful wednesday so far. i feel rather accomplished for the day already, so i thought why not write up another sims update?

i mean.. it’s not like i have 987 pictures sitting in my sims 3 screenshots folder, waiting to be uploaded and posted, or anything like that. ……*coughs*

so!! last time, we had births and deaths, and this time… well. we may or may not have more of that. suppose we’ll see!

oh, we also had baking! 😀

liam has really taken to baking with the toy oven in his bedroom. i’d swear he has the natural cook trait… but he does not.

slowly but surely, he learns how to make various desserts. brownies..



cakes, cookies, muffins.. do you know the muffin man? it’s definitely liam!

liam: “i should have a bake sale..”

what a fabulous idea, my boy.

liam: “would anyone even buy my baked goods?”

liam: “i put so much love into them…”

so i’m sure they’d sell like hot cakes!

get it? cakes? no?

it’s a saturday in isla paradiso.. lucky li’l liam grows up on a friday night, so he has the entire weekend to enjoy before he has to go off to school for the first time.

and since he’s baked enough sweets to feed an army, i figure a breakfast of some ancient birthday cake is perfectly fine. 😛

just look at this sweet angel baby, washing his plate after breakfast.

liam is the first one in the household awake, but the rest of his family eventually follows suit..

finn: “good morning, sunshine!”

audrey: “dada!”

and our heiress, looking properly pregnant :’)

seems zoe has a sweet tooth this morning, too. that’s a piece of her and finn’s wedding cake!

liam: “sigh. would a loser like me have a successful bake sale?”

well, there’s only one way to find out!

let’s try!

the family seems to be functioning just fine on their own so far anyway..

zoe: “where is that boy off to?”

liam: “i’m having a bake sale, mum!”

zoe: “well be careful. don’t sell any sweets to the jackalopes, you know they won’t pay you full price.”


right, so anyway! the family seems to be functioning just fine without my help, so i decide to focus on liam for a little while..

liam: “on me? just me?”

just you, buddy!

it’s a little rainy that morning when he heads out to start his business.

liam: “my umbrella has tea cups on it.”

it was the only food-related pattern i could find that looked nice with his favorite color, spice brown. i thought a baker ought to have a foodie themed umbrella!

and he heads out on his bike, in search of a crowded area to peddle his wares!

isla paradiso is so beautiful. i love playing in this world, even if i miss having seasons other than spring and summer. i suppose i could turn on fall and winter here, but it just doesn’t seem fitting.

the most obvious place for crowds to flock to his bake sale table is the summer festival! there’s always people around.

see? 🙂 even on a rainy saturday morning, there’s sims about!

liam: “hmm.. well. i guess this place is as good as any.”

liam: “let’s get this show on the road!”

i’d totally buy from liam’s bake sale. would you? one caramel brownie for me, please.

liam: “mmm, everything smells so good.”

dog: “he looks a bit funny.”

hey, don’t mock liam. he comes from a very colorful household, tyvm.

liam: “maybe no one will notice if i just have a little taste of the frosting…”

liam: “ah! it’s delicious!”

suddenly, it starts raining even harder.. and yet liam still keeps on.

liam: “i have faith that eventually, someone will come to buy my water-logged muffins.”

eventually, his family comes.. y’know, for moral support. and it looks like liam needs it, because the weather outside is basically a typhoon at this point.

zoe: “my son is getting soaked…”

i know, i know. but we can’t stop now, can we? he hasn’t even sold one crumb yet! perseverance, right?

zoe: “wrong. we’re leaving. my kid is gonna get blown away in this rainy wind!”

awww mannnn.

so they all head home, and not a single baked good was sold..

damn those people at the festival! wasn’t at least one of them hungry for something sweet?!

at least while the whole family was there, they take some greeting card photos…

don’t ask me why i didn’t have them do it all in one group shot. cause even i don’t know.

and on their way home, i notice there are some really beautiful modern-type houses in isla paradiso. good job, EA!

while the family is gone, pineapple and kuma officially meet.

pineapple: “you’re cat-sized. i like you.”

though he likes anouk too, even though she is decidedly not cat-sized. XD

liam: “man, i need some clean clothes. this outfit is soaked through.”

liam: “my bake sale was a bust, wah.”

aww, don’t fret. the weather is bound to clear up and we can try again!

in the meantime, liam gives the pets some love.

first, anouk gets some attention..

then, so does kuma. :’)

liam: “i just changed out of my wet clothes and it’s still pouring with rain, but how about we go for a little walk?”

kuma: “did someone say walk? :D”

and so liam heads off to walk kuma for a while..

back at home, audrey learns 🙂

zoe: “everybody say love!”

audrey: “love!”

and after tackling talking with a vengeance, audrey turns her sights onto the xylophone..

zoe: “anouk…? you okay there, girl?”

anouk: *derps out hardcore*

what i think anouk was trying to say is that she’d sniffed out all the pieces needed to assemble one of the special items for doggie hunters.. the diamond dog!

so it stands guard by the door. 🙂

and look!! look out the windows and door! the rain has cleared, and that means…

liam: “bake sale attempt, number two.”

liam: “mmmm! they smell like they’re still fresh out of the oven, even if they’ve been in my pockets all day!”

and out in the rain, don’t forget that.

there’s still lots of sims hanging around the festival lot..

so many potential customers!

all they have to do is notice the adorable little boy at the bake sale table..

instead of doing other things around the festival. 😐

malcolm! damnit! your nephew is selling baked goods, you’re pretty much obligated to go buy one as his family!

malcolm: “nope sorry, can’t do that. already pre-occupied.”

…you really are evil.

also the little girl there has the most fantastic hair color!

since his uncle is right there, liam tries to tempt malcolm by moving his bake sale right next to the eating contest.

malcolm: “oh, my dear yelena, how sweet you are.. *swoon*..”

oh wait is she going to buy from liam!?!?

malcolm: “lolno, i was just thinking about her is all.”


waiiiiit!! what’s this??

cute little boy, making a bee line for the bake sale? 😀 😀 😀 liam finally, finally has a customer!??!

boy: “haha, fooled ya.”

boy: “though his brownies do look tasty..”

then buy one, dangit!!

SOMEBODY! anybody?

not to be deterred, after all he has wishes locked in to sell 3 baked goods that has yet to be fulfilled.. liam decides on a different approach.

liam: “the park had too many distractions.”

liam: “let’s lure them here with the smell of my baked goods, where there’s nothing else to distract them from it!”

ahh! good thinkin’!

liam: “and now, we wait.”

oh??? 😀 people start arriving!

waft the smell of sugar into the air, liam! it’s working!!


he’s heading straight for the table!

liam: “well sir, you have your pick of the goods!”

old man: “hmm. what do you suggest?”

liam: “i’ve licked the icing on these vanilla cupcakes approximately 95 times today and it sure is good, mister.”

liam: “but as you can see, all of my sweets are baked to perfection so you can’t really go wrong.”

old guy: “alright, i’ll take one cupcake, then.”

liam: ” omg you will??”

suddenly, more customers walk up!

old guy 2: “i heard there were some fine vanilla cupcakes here.”

liam: “there sure are! four of them left!”

old guy 2: “i’ll have one, please.”

liam: “holy crap!”

liam: “people are actually buying my stuff!”


the loneliest bake sale, no more!

liam: “this is a nice ego boost.”

he gets several customers..

and they’re all elderly, but that’s okay! they’re probably all grandparents and are taking pity on the poor boy.

but pity money spends just the same as any other 😉

everyone at home is still okay, even without me there to supervise.

and the animals are all getting along well together, too!

anouk: “play? let’s play!”

liam sells his wares until it starts to get dark..

liam: “this table smells like profits!!”

and when he heads home, he has a sample of his goods..

how is it?

liam: “the brownies are a bit plain, they could use some chocolate chips inside.”

ah. :’) we’re always our own worst critics.

when we last saw zoe, her tummy was still just a bump. but it is just a bump no more!

she gets a call from malcolm..

zoe: “aw, you bought one of my son’s cookies?”


zoe: “well thanks, bro. i’m sure it made his day, having his uncle buy a cookie. i bet he would be devastated if his uncle was around, really close by, and didn’t buy a single solitary thing from his bake sale.”

hmm. perhaps zoe knows it’s all lies!

that night, liam relaxes in the tub.. with a submarine adventure!

liam: “navigator, set our destination to cupcakeville!”

zoe: “i’m the pregnant heiress and you’re the adorable baby, and we’ve barely gotten any face time today..”

zoe: “what’s up with that?”

liam deserves some face time too, y’know!

but then zoe reminds us of the cuteness we missed out on..

the animals do, too.

anouk: “hey, it’s the flea! :D”

kuma: “i’d like to think i’m more hamster sized now that i’m an adult.”

and because i can’t help myself…

even though i know i might regret it, with another new baby on the way…


anouk is actually quite the accomplished hunter. she’s dug up all kinds of rare gems and metals for the family, as well as the diamond dog, and that night she sniffs out all the pieces for this mini dinosaur skeleton!

it goes in liam’s room..

liam: “zzzz..zzz.. dinosaurs are cool zz..zzz…”

and the next morning..

audrey: “HUNGRY *nomnom*..”

zoe: “hmm, your little sibling is hungry too..”

anouk and kuma are the most social animals i’ve ever had. none of the previous pets have socialized as much as these two do.

i’m not quite sure how their woohoo worked, exactly, but i’m curious to see what their pups will look like!

there’s been some more upgrades to copa cabana! i can’t quite figure out how to consistently earn profits from the resort. every day, finn collects 7k simoleans from it, but it somehow isn’t counting towards his LTW. the expenses for running it are less than 2k, so he should be earning 5k a day at least in profits.. but for several days in a row, it hasn’t registered on his lifetime wish.

so i build onto the VIP room dock and add another fully upgraded resort tower, we’ll see if maybe that helps!

liam: “check it out, i’m about to do something insanely cute.”

liam: “i read this book when i was a toddler, wanna read it with me?”

audrey: “ehe, okay!”

*heart explodes from cuteness overload*

pineapple has taken to sleeping right there, just there, on the carpet in front of the fish tank.. in the spot where cid died. it’s sweet and sad all at once.

zoe spends her morning taking care of the animals, and when she gets to sloan’s cage.. she um… she…

zoe, darlin’.. your leg…

zoe: “that just means i’m in labor!”


zoe: “sloan, help me!”

sloan: “you’re on your own, sister.”

so *i* help her..

..and send her to audrey’s nursery. we’re having a home birth this time, dag nabbit.

zoe: “home birth!? here?! why is this a thing you want!”

because i just do. don’t question me.

zoe: “good thing my husband isn’t here to whisk me off to the hospital like last time!”

i know, right! he’s at his resort, probably laying out in the sun relaxing..

zoe: “if he is, i will murder him once this baby arrives.”

zoe: “which seems to be right now! :D”

zoe: “watch in amazement while i twirl and magically have a baby!”

zoe: “it’s a girl!”

a girl 😀

zoe: “welcome to the world, baby.”

welcome welcome indeed! this is fallon daines. fallon is a name i’ve been dyyyyyyiiinnnnnnngggg to use in the sims, and now that i’m naming this generation myself.. i finally can!

fallon is a virgo that likes the color white, vegetarian grilled salmon, and pop music. i was able to roll her traits and she got slob and perceptive!

zoe: “there you go, little one. your cocoon has sheepies on it!”

and while all of this was going on, liam rolls more wishes for a bake sale.. so… he’s at it again! it’s still the weekend after all, so what could it hurt?

this time, another little boy appears… i hope you don’t fake us out, kid, like the last one.

he doesn’t 😀 he steps up to buy!

boy: “they all look so good..”

liam: “don’t they? :D”

boy: “i’ll take one of these blueberry muffins!”

liam: “excellent choice, sir!”

more sims queue up to buy!

man: “i’m gonna need to run on the treadmill for three hours after this, but i want one of those caramel brownies.”

yesssssssss, yes good.

liam: “aw man, my action of tending the bake sale table got cancelled.”

huh? by what? i didn’t direct you to do anything else..

liam: “he did. maybe he wants to have a water balloon fight?”

liam: “do you? do you wanna have a water balloon fight?”


man: “just gonna read my book here, la la la..”

boy: “i’ll teach YOU to charge me $5 for one stinkin’ muffin!”

?!?!?! dude are you just gonna sit there and read while my precious little liam gets beat up?!

yes. seems so. :T

boy: “yeahhhhh that’s right. next time, lower your prices!”

liam: “owwww, water balloons would be much less painful..”

liam: “listen here, you! if you think i’m going to lower my prices..”

liam: “or for that matter, let you ever buy any of my perfect baked goods again, you’re sadly mistaken!”

liam: “you’re a jerk, and nobody likes a jerk! your money is no longer good here!”

liam: “you get nothing! GOOD DAY, SIR”

boy: “yeah, whatever, loser.. your muffin sucked anyway!”


welp. liam’s loser trait seems to make things a bit difficult…

liam: “hopefully that man with the book doesn’t tell my family what happened..”

liam: “i don’t wanna get in trouble for fighting..”

it wasn’t your fault! it was that stupid boy’s..

besides, the family at home is completely clueless. 🙂

chiara: “tickle tickle, kuma!”

see? nothin’ to worry about.

liam: “good. then i shall continue on with the bake sale like nothing ever happened…”

and that, right there, is a good place to stop i think! next time.. birthdays? PUPPIES? 😀 ’til then, friends! thank you very much for reading~~ ♥♥♥

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  1. Gene Wilder gif cracked me up, read it in his voice too XD


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