bunk beds

little bit of a town update, first!

the night cruz died, i heard some far-off familiar music… and started snooping.. and lookie what i found!

bear secksie, doing his job, at the martingale’s neighbor’s home. i have never seen this happen before, one of these “events” for another sim’s job.. but i was amused as i watched bear capture all the spirits pretty quickly.

as long as you stay away from the martingale property, mr. secksie, all is well! i rather like the spirits they have haunting them, thank you.

a few more happenings from around appaloosa plains..



you can now download my legacy sims! \o/ minus cruz, because.. he’s pretty easy to find in-game.

all young adults and older can be found right here to download (or click the download my sims link at the very top of every blog page!) and all sims downloads are cc-free.

i did my best to compile the custom content i used when making up the appearances of my sims so if you download them, they can look the same in your game as well… but i cannot for the life of me remember where sebastian’s or emma’s hairstyles are from. 😦 if you happen to recognize them, pleeeeeeease let me know. because it’s driving me nuts nvm, found ’em! links updated on the downloads page!

but yeah! if you’d like my keenings-martingale sims running around in your game, download them and have fun! and show me pictures, i’d love to see my sims in other games! ^_^