something new for the next generation

“hey, sup guys? christian here! i’ve got some exciting news for ya…”



love is in the air

lots of updates on my simmies in this post, so i am just gonna jump right into it.

first, let us get the obligatory birthdays over with..

siiiiiiiiigh. double siiiigh. cruz had a birthday. it came too soon, i don’t know how the sim days fly by as quickly as they do!


editing appaloosa plains

so, after sebastian attended high school for the first time, i had him meet his classmates. not long after that, i was told he’d met them all.. and i was sort of perplexed. there are two NPC teens in appaloosa plains currently. two. teens. one boy and one girl. sebastian is currently romantically interested in the girl after prom, but uh. that doesn’t leave me with a whole lot of options!

i caved… and i did a little editing of appaloosa plains.

i turned a few of my rl friends into sims, solely with the hope that they will populate my town with fresh new genetics. you guys had better not let me down!! *shakes fist*

meet the cope family!