spoilers in the title. bwahahah!

anyway, of course samantha is pregnant. such a silly “cliffhanger” to leave my last post on.

her maternity wear is… okay. it matches slightly better than her last set. however, i have no idea what is up with her and those red leather pants. they can’t be that comfortable for a pregnant lady.

neither can the skimpy underwear she’s sported during both of her pregnancies…

dat ass, though.

and samantha still is badass with her bike while pregnant..

i love the faces she makes while on her bike. like she knows she’s awesome.. or something.

but anyway, more on the pregnancy in a moment!

christian is coming along nicely. he and cruz have a really good relationship, which is surprising given cruz’ grumpy trait. but they both autonomously hug one another, play tag together, ask each other about their days. christian even voluntarily picked one of cruz’ books out of the bookshelf to read. it warms my heart to see them getting along so well. other than a few times when cruz has been exceptionally grumpy and argued with anyone he came across, christian and cruz are good buddies.

besides rolling wishes to talk to, play games with, or hang out with cruz.. christian has also been wanting to skill up in fishing. this past sim-weekend, he took a class (…at the grocery store?) on fishing and spent his entire sunday at the beach, catching multiple red herrings. heh. he’s also caught several minnows and the single largest goldfish i have ever laid eyes on.. so needless to say, there are several fishbowls and fish tanks around the martingale household now. christian’s two favorite fish, the minnow pictured above that he named miranda.. and the goldfish he caught that lives in another fishbowl that he named.. racquel. interesting choices in names there, christian, but he seems to love his ladies.

enough about fish, though.

there is a baby to be had!

cruz and samantha fled the household for the hospital, leaving christian at home alone (and asleep). but when they returned…

…they did so with sebastian martingale in their arms. the traits i rolled for him were artistic and loner, which are.. alright, i suppose. i was really hoping for something fun, like insane or inappropriate.. but there’s still time for that!

samantha and cruz are some of the best autonomous parents i’ve had in a sims game yet even without the family-oriented trait — they both constantly want to snuggle the little boy, feed him, and hold him. i think it’s adorable and makes me happy on the inside every time either one of them head into the baby room all on their own.

and speaking of baby rooms..

the martingale household had to get another update, to accommodate the new sim. i built the baby’s room in the back, next to his parent’s room (and yes, that is samantha and cruz making out in the bathroom if you look hard enough), and with the extra money earned from cruz’ book royalties… i upgraded a few things. made the kitchen larger, gave cruz a better computer to work on, even fenced in samantha’s garden…. because wild horses are annoying and keep eating her veggies. i still haven’t taken the time to customize paint colors or even change the wallpaper from being the same… everywhere… but it’ll do!

oh, and cruz is a level 1 celebrity now… after completing an opportunity with his book writing. that old woman by the front door is a paparazzi.. and she seems rather pleased with the upgrades i’ve given to the martingale house!

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  1. biggual

     /  June 5, 2012

    lmao, that’s quite the goldfish he caught..

  2. What a coincidence! I just recently took a fishing class at the grocery store myself..

  3. To keep sims from wearing ugly maternity wear you can change their outfit into something maternity enabled and they’ll keep it on during pregnancy. I don’t know if you have Generations or not, but it comes with a ton of really cute preggy clothes. I always forget to change their clothes beforehand though, so Ingrid is walking around with the tan empireline dress, her mismatched stockings and investigator hat, Stylin!

    • ooooh man. i think i love you for that tip, thank you! i don’t have generations atm though, but i can at least color coordinate the maternity wear! it bugs the crap out of me. and somehow, i can see ingrid working that ensemble. xD it seems fitting!

      • You just got to remember to change it when you hear the baby chime. 🙂

        Lol it is fitting. 😛

  4. Mayci

     /  August 21, 2012

    i love the name sebastian!!


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