farting bubbles

two random pictures to start off this post…

one, the brush interaction for cats is seriously the cutest thing ever.

watching an adorable 6-10 year old do it? almost killed me with cuteness.

and two..

..the martingale’s new maid, virgil swanson, seems to have the ability to fart bubbles. perhaps that’s why he’s so proficient at wiping off counters without the aid of cleaning supplies.

aaaaaaaaanyway. in other news, birthdays!!

christian befriended a blonde girl named josie quarles in school.. so when i got notices that both boys would be having a birthday this upcoming sim-weekend, i decided to have christian invite her over for the festivities.

seems she’d aged up on her own between friday afternoon and saturday morning. no worries! your friend christian will be a teen too, soon enough!

despite the fact that he grew up looking as if he hated the world and everything in it, christian grew up well. i think he’s handsome in a sort of.. goofy way. and he has a more.. bulbous version of cruz’ nose. he gained another trait, this time radomized as star quality (so that’s.. absent-minded, angler, athetlic guy.. with star quality. …odd), and he just keeps growing up with long hair. so. i let him have long hair. aaaaand a lip ring, ’cause i could.

and taking a note from the creeper legacy (which is awesome and you should read it if you haven’t yet), i decided when giving christian his obligatory post-birthday makeover.. that i’d let him wear his favorite color (same with sebastian, but more on that in a sec!). which is black, btw, if you couldn’t tell.

since i haven’t mentioned them yet.. i’ll go through the martingale boys and their favorites quickly. i’m surprised i’ve not done it before now!

christian’s favorite color is black, as i said.. favorite music is roots.. and food is hot dogs. shame he won’t be able to eat them ’til cruz croaks.

..because cruz is a vegetarian. along with being a slob, grumpy, vehicle enthusiast and a natural cook. i always forget he’s a vegetarian, poor cruz has been sick more than once from eating meat, so i’ve only been buying the tofu-recipe-related ingredients to help cut down on that. ’cause i’m not mean! and ’cause i like cruz, despite his being a grump more often than not.

cruz’ favorite color is red, it is just a coincidence that the hoodie i put him in is also red, his favorite music style is indie… and his favorite food? sushi. strange choice for a vegetarian.

he had enough lifetime happiness points for me to be able to change his lifetime wish — something i did pretty dang fast. adopting in six strays, while nice in theory, is hard as fuck to do in practice. despite having the proper gnomes welcoming strays, the only stray i’ve yet to see on the martingale property (beyond wild horses and i’m not ready for them to have horses just yet) is the one that promptly died on their doorstep.. and currently haunts their home. so i changed his LTW to illustrious author, which needs maxed writing (score!) and painting skills. and as i mentioned previously, i’ve been having cruz paint like a mad man in his off time… it may be a little cheat-y to give him an easier LTW like that, but it’s better than adopting six stray pets.

as soon as i changed his wish, though, three stray cats appeared the next morning in their yard. of course. -_- and then they all took turns having loud catfights.

oh! and sebastian. his favorites are soul (perfect for children.. all infants love soul music), the color sea foam, and grilled cheese.

but on the subject of sebastian..

..he has a birthday to celebrate, too!

i was really, really hoping samantha’s hair color would pass on to one of her kids… it’s a pretty mix of dark brown, light brown, and golden blonde tips. luckily for me, sebastian did not disappoint.

oh my godddddddd, look at his cute wittle face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KDSGHSDKGJHSKD and his hair too, yay!

samantha’s genes must be strong ones, because he too got the pretty blue eyes just like christian did.

as i said before, sebastian is an artistic loner so far.. which means he actually has a positive moodlet when left alone in his room to play with his toys. he’s maxed the skill points he can get from the xylophone in, literally, about 1 sim hour.. which surprised me. but unlike christian, who loved playing with blocks… sebastian is more..

…perplexed by how one is supposed to play with them. ahem.

i hadn’t done it yet in the picture above, but the collage up there of toddler sebastian kinda shows it off… i redid both boys’ rooms a little bit, including finally some different wallpaper. the color i picked for sebastian’s room is really more teal than sea foam green, but it works because it’s the color the objects all were still from when christian was a toddler. and i’m lazy.

but christian got a few redecorations too, including dizzying wallpaper and a new bed spread..

…and he defaulted with those pink bunny slippers on, so i left ’em and just changed his pajama pants black. he likes them, okay? don’t judge!

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  1. I cant believe christian is a teen already! Seems like just the other day he was born 😦 and sebastian is so cute!!

  2. ahaha, totally. after all, cruz was still a teen when i moved her into town. 😉

  3. d’aaaw Sebastian! :3
    Christian is handsome! I love his outfit.


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